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Our Vision

Everyone, regardless of financial ability, desiring drug and alcohol addiction recovery has access to the proven resources that give the highest rate of recovery success.
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Our Mission

ENSURE access to proven resources,


EASE the transition to a sober life and


EMPOWER self-reliance for those in early addiction recovery.

Meet The Team


Chairman of the Board


Serial Entrepreneur. Community Activist. Problem Solver.   Mother.


Board Member


Retired law-enforcement and corporate turnaround expert.


Board Member

Non-Profit expert with specialties in development and facility construction.


Board Member

Retired Social Worker. Addiction recovery, relationships and mental health expert.


Executive Director

Go-To Gal.

Problem Solver.


Expert. part of the solution

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monthly donation

Provide a 'bed' for one night in a recovery home every month



monthly donation

Help one new person every month apply for a recovery residence

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monthly donation

Give a month of residency so a new person can begin their fresh start in recovery.

New Hires

“Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.”


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